Sankaty Head Caddie Camp Mission

In the controlled Camp setting, young men learn honesty and integrity, self-control, independent decision-making within defined standards, personal responsibility, loyalty to a cause and group, control of personal finances and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Campers develop into well-rounded and responsible citizens, capable of being productive in the complex personal and professional world.  During their summer experience, Campers also encounter a few of the adversities of life, and learn how to cope with them.  This experience is an integral part of life training.

A Camper’s development is the essence of Camp Sankaty Head.  The Camp is not just a place where young men come to get a job and earn money.  This happens.  More fundamentally, Camp Sankaty Head is a place where lifelong friends are made, where a Camper becomes a member of an enduring select group, preserved through life in the Camp’s alumni association.  Campers become part of a family.  They work hard, they play hard and they mold into a lifelong fraternity of friends.

Longtime Camp Director, Norman Claxton wrote in 1996, “Camp Sankaty is not the buildings or the place.  It is the concepts and philosophy reflected in friendships among the campers and staff.”


Camp Sankaty Head Caddie Camp
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